CBSW Pty Ltd is a boutique Professional Chartered Accounting Practice Providing:

  • Taxation Compliance and Advisory
  • Business Advisory
  • Accredited Family Business Consulting
  • Specialised Business Growth Advisory
  • Superannuation Advisory
  • Estate Planning

Services to the SME market, high net wealth family businesses and individuals.

We attract people who are motivated and passionate about client services, demonstrate professional diligence and integrity, and who empathise with their colleagues and clients.

Starting your career at CBSW will provide you with a professional and friendly working environment, direct client contact, support and mentoring through your career progression, an extensive in-house training program, and access to directors and senior personnel with a breadth of experience and technical knowledge.

We focus on providing all staff with opportunities for professional development, which is why our office is specifically designed to promote interaction and learning opportunities amongst staff at all levels.

What sets CBSW apart from other firms is:

  • The breadth of experience and Technical and Commercial Knowledge of the
    Directors and Professional Team;
  • Long term client relationships and a strong professional network within the Perth Business Market;
  • Quality referral network both within existing client base and external network;
  • Specialised accredited advisors in Family Business and Business Growth Advisory.

We offer gradudate, vacation and cadet/trainee positions.